14 Best Anaheim Attractions and Things to Do

Anaheim is a bustling city in Orange County, California. It attracts tourists from all over the globe, with the “happiest location on Earth,” also known as Disneyland Resort, accounting for a substantial amount of the traffic.

This traditional holiday site, which contains both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, is a wonderfully delightful spot for youngsters.

Outside of the gates of Disneyland, Anaheim has a lot to offer. Several municipal sites and commercial complexes take advantage of the city’s normally nice weather by providing a range of outdoor eating and entertainment alternatives.

These enterprises, such as the Anaheim GardenWalk and the Anaheim Packing District, give a range of gastronomic alternatives as well as a full dose of Anaheim local culture.

Professional sports games, wide open areas, and other theme parks, such as Knott’s Berry Farm, are among the other attractions.

Plan your plan using our list of the finest things to do in Anaheim, CA.

Due to recent international health and safety issues, several enterprises may be temporarily shutdown.

1. Disneyland Park

Anaheim’s primary attraction is also the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Disneyland Park and the adjoining Disney California Adventure Park combine to make the Disneyland Resort of Anaheim, a wonderfully enchanting site for both children and adults to enjoy.

The enormous number of themed zones inside the park needs the usage of a map. Tomorrowland is frequently a choice among the different locations to visit.

It contains classic coasters like Space Mountain as well as kid-friendly attractions like the Astro Orbiter. Other locations to visit include Fantasyland, Adventureland, and Star Wars: Galaxy Edge, which offers opportunities to pilot the Millennium Falcon and manufacture your own lightsaber.

No vacation to Disneyland is complete without a stop on Main Street, USA, and a photo with the “Mickey Floral” parterre. Another supplementary and separately paid attraction is Disneyland After Dark, which involves a firework show that lights up the sky.

The Disneyland Resort gives a comprehensive experience. Aside from the rides and themed attractions, travellers are likely to stumble encounter renowned celebrities on the street. Superhero engagements, Disney princess performances, and meet-and-greets with Pixar companions are among the scheduled character encounters.

1313 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, California

2. Anaheim Convention Center

CtrCity, sometimes known as Central City, is Anaheim’s historic downtown hub. Today, it’s a fashionable and elegant district near Disneyland. The attraction is centred on either side of the Center Street Promenade, with boutique businesses, local cafés, and gorgeous residences.

And, with palm palms surrounding much of the road, these historic few blocks are great for an afternoon walk.

Central City’s eateries make it a wonderful eating destination as well. Restaurants like the Hummus Bean offer casual meals and pleasant seating, while Pour Vida delivers even more variety to appreciate in the evening.

Jewelry, luxury brands, and stylish home décor are just a few of the local treasures to seek for when it comes to shopping.

Central City is also rich in cultural attractions. The Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center, built within a historic Carnegie Library, is located in the centre of this busy sector, while Anaheim Ice, located on the west end, organises hundreds of hockey and ice-skating activities throughout the week.

3.Anaheim Packing District

The Anaheim Packing District, located a few steps south of CtrCity and downtown Anaheim, offers a contemporary cultural experience inside historic structures.

The district presently comprises three national historical monuments, including a former Packard automobile showroom and a marmalade production. And these ancient venues today serve culinary delights as well as open areas for the public to enjoy.

The renovated Anaheim Packing House Food Hall is the Anaheim Packing District’s primary attraction. What was previously a citrus packing warehouse in downtown Anaheim is now one of the country’s most exquisite dining halls, with with high ceilings and abundance of natural light.

The lovely Packing House Food Hall is bordered with many food stalls and specialist merchants. Cajun, vegan comfort cuisine, and Japanese-style crepes are among the foreign offerings.

Although many of the eateries have limited capacity, there is plenty of open space and public tables surrounding the food hall to snag a seat. The food hall’s atrium-like design adds a freshness to every meal.

Farmers Park, located in the Packing District, is a wonderfully planned green park and garden with a magnificent boardwalk. When the weather is nice, this is a terrific spot to eat outside.

Anaheim, California, 440 South Anaheim Boulevard

4. GardenWalk in Anaheim

The Anaheim GardenWalk is a pedestrian-friendly entertainment area located near the Disneyland Resort’s gates. It encompasses 430,000 square acres in the Anaheim resort district, and its outdoor plaza is dotted with stores and dining.

The House of Blues, Anaheim is a GardenWalk landmark with its own restaurant and a changing lineup of nationally touring live music entertainers.

Other well-known restaurants, such as P.F. Changs and The Cheesecake Factory, are close, as are regional favourites such as Johnny Rockets and Grasslands Meat Market.

Bowling lanes, virtual reality arcades, and Latin music nightclubs are among the numerous exciting locations to visit and activities to do on the GardenWalk. The facility’s “Art on the Walk” project is renowned throughout the GardenWalk, with a range of bright artworks on the walls.

Anaheim, California (400 Disney Way) (400 Disney Way)

5.Angel Stadium.

Some argue that the happiest site on Earth at sunset during a home baseball game is Angel Stadium. The Los Angeles Angels of the American League West play their games on this historic baseball diamond. And the capacity of this enormous league stadium is roughly 45,000 delighted supporters.

Angel Stadium enjoys the beautiful weather in Anaheim, especially during the regular season, which spans from April to October. With inexpensive tickets available, home games are a superb experience for the whole family or casual sports aficionados. In addition, between March and September, stadium guests can take part in public tours of the grounds.

Anaheim, California, 2000 E Gene Autry Way

6.Honda Center

The Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League play in this large indoor arena. It’s a gigantic indoor arena that’s full with activities all year round, not just during hockey season. However, it is the loud fan experience during Ducks games that brings the Honda Center to life, as well as the energy felt throughout the rest of the week. Game tickets are decently priced.

Aside from hockey games, the Honda Center’s roster is packed with other sporting events like as professional wrestling and USA basketball. Throughout the year, national touring concerts, comedy shows, festival events, and family-friendly entertainment fill the Honda Center’s seats.

Anaheim, California, 2695 E Katella Avenue

7.Yorba Regional Park.

Yorba Regional Park is a mile-long linear park in Anaheim’s eastern suburbs. Winding cycling trails thread their way through this 140-acre planted habitat, wrapping around a series of four lakes popular with resident ducks and other creatures.

Other park attractions such as volleyball nets, playgrounds, horseshoe pits, and over 400 picnic tables dot the terrain. And Yorba’s numerous attractions and tranquil spots make it desirable throughout the day for a multitude of reasons.

In the morning, walkers stroll to the sound of ducks chirping, and by the afternoon, joggers speed up the pace along the magnificent walkways.

On weekends in Yorba, the picnic tables are well frequented by family birthday celebrations, and the playground space is always a popular spot to burn off some energy, whatever of the time of day.

Anaheim, California, 7600 E La Palma Avenue

8.Knott’s Berry Farm.

Knott’s Berry Farm in Anaheim is characterised by roller coasters, waterslides, and a local heritage. This amusement park, in conjunction with Knott’s Soak City water park, has grown into one of the finest theme parks in California, providing for multiple days of family entertainment.

Thrill coasters at Knott’s Berry Farm include Montezooma’s Revenge and La Revolución, as well as HangTime, California’s first and only dive coaster with a 96-degree drop. The Pony Express provides quick thrills without inversions or big drops, making it perfect for first-time roller-coaster riders. Calico Mine Ride and Surfside Gliders are two more family rides.

Knott’s Soak City Water Park is the coolest place to be at Knott’s Berry Farm between May and September. Soak City, Orange County’s largest water park, has over 20 various waterslides as well as a giant wave pool, lazy river, and interactive kids’ zone. Private cabanas may be hired at Soak City for anyone who desire to spend the day resting in their own personal space.

Buena Park, California, 8039 Beach Blvd

9.Pearson Park.

Pearson Park is a nice municipal park located about one block north of CtrCity and Downtown Anaheim.

It features a historic 19-acre park that was founded in 1927 as “City Park.” In 1960, the park was renamed after former Mayor Charles A. Pearson. It is still a popular natural place in the midst of the city today.

The Pearson Park Amphitheater is arguably what draws the most visitors to the park. This Spanish-style outdoor stage venue has staged performances for nearly as long as the park has been open, giving many SoCal residents with long-lasting summer memories. Over 2,000 people may be accommodated on the lawn in front of the amphitheatre.

Pearson Park also contains a playground, a swimming pool, and dozens of picnic chairs and shelters. With lighting features such as a football/soccer field and a softball diamond, the park also caters to a number of sports. In the summer, there is also a swimming pool with lifeguards.

10.Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center.

This museum and cultural facility are housed within the former downtown Carnegie Library, which is located in the centre of the present Central City area. With magnificent displays and rotating exhibitions, it celebrates the region’s history and artistic expression.

The museum’s Carnegie Gallery, which shows an eye-catching, walk-through history of Anaheim, is free to enter. Admission is essential to view the regional artworks that cycle through the museum’s other galleries. Outside on the grounds, the historic building’s brick facade is worth viewing on its own.

Muzeo provides specific classroom activities for youngsters, and the complete space may be leased for private events.

Anaheim, California, 241 S Anaheim Boulevard

11.City National Grove

This event venue and performance space, nestled between Angel Stadium and the Santa Ana River, boasts cutting-edge lighting and acoustics, as well as an intimate 1,700-seat atmosphere. The arena has featured some of the greatest and brightest names in entertainment, including Prince, Ray Charles, and Stevie Nicks in the past.

This prominent Orange County entertainment theatre routinely sells out of tickets, and the building performs over 250 events every year, including Broadway productions.

Anaheim, California, 2200 E Katella Ave

12.Oak Canyon Nature Center.

The Oak Canyon Nature Center, located in eastern Anaheim and a short drive from Yorba Regional Park, ties travellers to Southern California’s natural habitat. The Nature Center is situated across 58 acres of natural parks, with explanatory signs surrounding four km of trails.

A year-round stream provides a popular shaded hiking path, and the higher Roadrunner Ridge trail affords a greater perspective of the canyon environs. The nature facility also offers interpretive information on the surrounding ecology, as well as an O.A.K.S Day Camp for youngsters aged 5 to 12.

Anaheim, California 6700 E Walnut Canyon Road

13.Ralph B. Clark Regional Park

This acclaimed regional park is located less than nine miles northwest of Anaheim. The park, which encompasses over 100 acres next to the Coyote Hills, is a great spot to get away and enjoy the Southern California countryside.

This magnificent environment provides a gorgeous background for all of the park’s facilities.

A major chunk of the park is open grassland sheltered by huge trees. This region is crossed by various paved and dirt pathways, several of which lead to the park’s three-acre stocked fishing lake. This walkway is also lined with benches and picnic tables, making it a great spot for a supper outdoors.

Playground equipment and an amphitheatre are among the other park amenities. There are also basketball and tennis courts, volleyball nets, and ball fields in the park.

The park is home to a multitude of waterfowl, including ducks and geese, and visitors are warned not to feed these aquatic park residents.

14. Medieval Period

Medieval Times is a family-friendly event that features a full night of jousting, horseback riding, and falconry. This meal and performance is located in Buena Park, just outside of Anaheim. Theatrics include actual period-authentic knights duelling for the Queen’s honour, creating quite a show to accompany meals.

Battles with weapons and jousting on steeds are part of the spectacle at Medieval Times, and the meal is a standard roast chicken with many sides. There are also vegetarian selections.

Buena Park, California, 7662 Beach Boulevard

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